Wheeler Supply Store

The Wheeler Supply Store was the survival for many of the residents and sharecroppers that worked and lived around the farm. Like the Wheeler Train Station and post office, Wheeler was a major import, export hub for miles around. Here you could find the everyday essentials for your family. 


In the early days the store also was a boarding house for travelers to stay when boarding or unboarding the train. Behind the store there stood a blacksmith's shop where repairs on old wagons to shoeing horses could be done. The store was run by Miss Annie Wheeler after her fathers passing in 1906. 


There was later a cotton gin for cotton that the Wheelers and local farmers grew that could be ginned, baled, and sent to market by train.  


The store slowly kept up with the growing demands for modern day items such as pre-odered things from Sears & Roebuck catalogs to oil & gasoline as the horse and wagon would no longer be the standard way of travel. The store would later be leased and ran by Hubert Coffey until Percy and Sue Morris would take over who kept the store in its original state for many years. 


There are many stories about the old store and its customers that would pass thru from boarding and unboarding the train, like the time Johnny Cash walked in and got a Pepsi and Moon Pie. The store would stand for over 100 years until the time when it burned down in October, 1980.

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